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A double-blind cross-over study of the antidiarrhoeal effects of loperamide and diphenoxylate in 29 patients with chronic diarrhoea due to intestinal resection is presented. Most of these subjects had had surgery for Crohn's disease which was in a stable and nonactive phase during the study. Loperamide and diphenoxylate were presented as identical capsules.(More)
An anesthetic technique in which alfentanil hydrochloride, an ultra-short-acting opioid, was used as a substitute for N2O/O2 was evaluated in outpatient gynecological surgery. Methohexitone was used as a hypnotic agent. The following parameters were studied: blood pressure (BP) and heart rate before, during and at the end of surgery; the incidence of apnea(More)
The effect of blockade of calcium channels and/or 5-HT receptors on the hepatic lodgement of intraportally injected fibrosarcoma cells was studied in rats. The calcium channel blocker verapamil and the 5-HT2 antagonist ketanserin each had a significant lodgement reducing effect. The pure 5-HT2 antagonist R 56413 was most effective and dose-dependent in its(More)
Potassium depolarization of rabbit colon muscle elicited a contraction consisting of 2 distinct phases, an initial rapid phasic contraction and a tonic contracture. The tonic contraction was, in contrast to the phasic contraction, dependent on the extracellular calcium for its development. There was a correlation between the tension development and the(More)
Depression is a long-term illness requiring psychopharmacological treatment over long periods of time. Treatments need to be effective and safe, but in an illness requiring long-term medication, acceptability to patients must also be addressed. Data from eight placebo-controlled studies addressing short-term efficacy and two placebo-controlled studies of(More)
An investigation of how miconazole nitrate dissolved in dimethylformamide in initial concentrations of 1,000, 500, and 100 microgram/ml may alter its concentration with storage time, is presented. The determination of miconazole nitrate was performed with high pressure liquid chromatography. After 8 hours the 1,000 microgram/ml solution was milky and the(More)
Microsomal and mitochondrial fractions were isolated from rabbit colon muscle homogenate by differential centrifugation. The calcium content of these fractions were rather similar. The microsomes were divided into subfractions by gradient centrifugation and tested on glycerol treated colon muscle. Acetylcholine and imidazole elicited an EGTA-sensitive(More)
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