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The anticoccidial efficacy of diclazuril was studied in rabbits artificially infected with Eimeria flavescens, Eimeria intestinalis, Eimeria magna and Eimeria perforans. Continuous administration at 1 and 2 ppm in pelleted feed proved to be highly efficacious in controlling oocyst output and faecal scores. The weight gain was comparable and the feed(More)
In a six-month study, the safety of repeated treatments with clazuril, a new anticoccidial agent for the treatment of pigeons, was evaluated during 4 to 5 consecutive reproduction cycles. Clazuril was administered weekly at the recommended therapeutic dose level of 2.5 mg/pigeon and at twice this dose. The results were compared to placebo treatment.(More)
Diclazuril, a new anticoccidial drug, was tested in poultry against six Eimeria species either in single species infections in dose titration studies or in mixed species infections in floor pen trials. The dose titration studies in cockerels indicated that diclazuril at dosages of 10, 5, 1, and .5 ppm was highly active against all major pathogenic species:(More)
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