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In this work lipid ordering phase changes arising in planar membrane bilayers is investigated both accounting for elasticity alone and for effective viscoelastic response of such assemblies. The mechanical response of such membranes is studied by minimizing the Gibbs free energy which penalizes perturbations of the changes of areal stretch and their(More)
Explicit expressions for the minimum free energy of a linear viscoelastic material and Noll's definition of state are used here to explore spatial energy decay estimates for viscoelastic bodies, in the full dynamical case and in the quasi-static approximation. In the inertial case, Chirita et al. obtained a certain spatial decay inequality for a space-time(More)
1 A principal challenge in modelling granular media is to connect the macro-scopic deformation of the aggregate of grains with the average deformation of a small number of individual grains. We used in previous research the two-scale geometry of structured deformations (g, G) and the theory of elastic bodies undergoing disarrangements (non-smooth(More)
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