L. Dennis Shapiro

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An ice shove along the Alaskan Chukchi Sea coast occurred in June 2001, affecting the communities of Barrow and Wainwright, some 150 km apart. Aerial photography before and after the event allowed measurement of ice displacement vectors near Barrow where up to 395m of ice motion was accommodated almost entirely in discrete ridges up to 5m high. The forces(More)
During the two winters between 2003 and 2005, a land-based marine radar observed the nearshore ice motion during the development and decay of landfast ice near Barrow, Alaska. The radar imagery captured individual events at high temporal resolution, revealing deformation processes and allowing calculation of ice velocity and acceleration. Atmospheric(More)
The seaward landfast ice edge (SLIE) is simple to define conceptually but more difficult to determine in practice, partly since both the location and a lack of motion must be determined over time, implying that a single observation is insufficient. We examine different definitions of landfast ice used by others and then propose our own, consisting of two(More)
The liquid and solid fractions were separated by first crystallizing lanolin from a suitable solvent. The best results as to yield of liquid lanolin and quality of the obtained products was achieved on using ethyl acetate [1]. However, due to the closeness of the specific gravities of the solid and cooled solution, a satisfactory separation of phases(More)