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This paper presents a design technique that allows the automatic synthesis of fuzzy inference systems and accelerates the exploration of the design space of these systems. It is based on generic VHDL code generation which can be implemented on a programmable device (FPGA) or an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC). The set of CAD tools supporting(More)
Does the disclosure of information about corrupt activities induce a sustained reduction in corruption? We use publicly released routine audits of municipal governments in Puerto Rico to answer this question. We first develop a political agency model where voters re-elect incumbents based on their performance while in office. We show that, because voters(More)
In 2009, three significant events related to family homelessness converged on the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). First, the shelters for homeless families in Massachusetts were at capacity, and over 1,000 homeless families had been placed in hotels and motels across the state. Second, Article 87 of the Amendments to(More)
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