L. Delaye

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Endophytes infect living plant tissues without causing symptoms of disease. Indeed, many of them contribute to the resistance phenotype of their host. However, fungal endophytes are generally closely related to plant pathogens, fungi that either develop within living host tissue (biotrophic fungi) or that kill the host cells and then live in the dead tissue(More)
BACKGROUND Overlapped genes originate by a) loss of a stop codon among contiguous genes coded in different frames; b) shift to an upstream initiation codon of one of the contiguous genes; or c) by overprinting, whereby a novel open reading frame originates through point mutation inside an existing gene. Although overlapped genes are common in viruses, it is(More)
The basic tenet of the heterotrophic theory of the origin of life is that the maintenance and reproduction of the first living systems depended primarily on prebiotically synthesized organic molecules. It is unlikely that any single mechanism can account for the wide range of organic compounds that may have accumulated on the primitive Earth, suggesting(More)
Darwin suggested that all life on Earth could be phylogenetically related. Modern biology has confirmed Darwin’s extraordinary insight; the existence of a universal genetic code is just one of many evidences of our common ancestry. Based on the three domain phylogeny proposed by Woese and Fox in the early 1970s that all living beings can be classified on(More)
The bioinformatical methods to detect lateral gene transfer events are mainly based on functional coding DNA characteristics. In this paper, we propose the use of DNA traits not depending on protein coding requirements. We introduce several semilocal variables that depend on DNA primary sequence and that reflect thermodynamic as well as physico-chemical(More)
Alignment of nucleotides of APGWamide, RPCH and AKH genes gives region stretches (common regions) present in all family member variants. Common regions were separated by gap sections in the larger variants of family members. Consensus sequences for single polynucleotides from virtual hybrid molecules of DNA were obtained by joining the common regions of DNA(More)
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