L DePonti-Zilli

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In an earlier report, evidence was presented that the down-regulation of beta-actin mRNA during myogenesis was controlled by a region 3' to the promoter of the gene. In this paper we report the location of this regulatory sequence, determined by deletion analysis and the use of chimeric genes, transfected stably into the mouse myogenic cell line C2C12. The(More)
Although beta actin mRNA is down-regulated during myogenesis, the beta actin promoter confers constitutive expression when joined to heterologous genes transfected into a variety of different cell backgrounds, including differentiated muscle. Normal promoter activity is dependent upon the binding of a ubiquitous factor to the CCAAT-box element. Loss or(More)
The cis-acting regions that appear to be involved in negative regulation of the chicken alpha-cardiac actin promoter both in vivo and in vitro have been identified. A nuclear factor(s) binding to the proximal region mapped over the TATA element between nucleotides -50 and -25. In the distal region, binding spanned nucleotides -136 to -112, a region that(More)
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