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Synaptic mechanisms underlying NMDA-mediated responses of neurons in the guinea pig lateral amygdala (AL) were investigated in in vitro slice preparations. Local application of NMDA resulted in initial hyperpolarization of pyramidal-like spiny cells (projection neurons), followed by prolonged depolarization. The slow depolarization represented a direct(More)
Electrophysiological and staining techniques in the in vitro slice preparation of the rat and guinea-pig lateral amygdala were combined with immunocytochemical approaches, in order to characterize the neuronal substrate, the ionic basis and the pharmacological properties of glycine-mediated responses, and to map the distribution and composition of the(More)
A slow inhibitory potential (sIP) elicited upon synaptic activation in spiny, pyramidal-like cells with properties indicative of projection neurons was investigated in slices of the rat and guinea-pig lateral amygdala in vitro. The sIP succeeded the triphasic sequence of excitatory and fast/slow inhibitory postsynaptic potentials mediated via glutamate and(More)
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