L. Dallas Tuck

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Paramagnetic nitroxyl-containing compounds have been useful as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) experiments in animals. Preliminary information on the metabolic fate, pharmacokinetic behavior, stability in tissues, and chemical reduction of two prototypic nitroxides, PCA and TES, is presented. In the dog TES was eliminated more rapidly(More)
Ultrasonically accelerated dissolution of multiphase silicon stabilized tricalcium phosphate powders in water or Earle's balanced salt solution transforms the powders into needle-like calcium deficient apatite crystals with the c-axis (001) oriented along the needle. Ion exchange with the solution occurs primarily in the first hours of immersion. The(More)
Silicon-substituted calcium phosphate (CaP) powders with a Ca/(P+Si) ratio of 1.50 have been prepared by a wet chemical method, with silicon contents up to 2.16 weight percent (wt%). Sintering for 2 h at 1250 degrees C yields single-phase silicon-substituted alpha tricalcium phosphate (Si-alpha-TCP) for compositions between 0.59 and 1.14 wt% silicon. The(More)