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The Agricultural Policy Analysis Center gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the American Corn Growers Association, especially John Dittrich. We are especially appreciative of the valuable contributions of a number of people who have provided assistance researching, reviewing, and editing material contained in this report. In particular, we thank:(More)
ARBTRACT When using conventional or laser Doppler vibrometer methodologies, the resonance-dwell technique is used to characterize the response shapes of structures vibrating near resonance. If the structure is large (and/or complex) and if high spatial density data is required, data acquisition could take a significant anmunt of time. During that time,(More)
The effects of neuropeptide Y (NPY) and related peptide fragments on blood pressure and vagal action at the heart were compared in the anaesthetized rat. A change in vagal action was taken as a measure of presynaptic activity and a change in blood pressure was taken as a measure of postsynaptic activity. NPY, NPY-(13-36), PYY-(13-36), des-Ser22-NPY-(13-36)(More)
Precise and detailed knowledge of the dynamic characteristics of structt~res has become increasingly important in recent years. As a consequence, the accuracy of experbnental data, which is often used to validate and update fmite element models, has become extremely i " lporta " t. It has been shown expetientally [II that small changes in ambient(More)
This thesis presents a technique for designing planar four-bar linkages by coupling optimization, dynamics and kinematics. This synthesis technique gives the designer the ability to design linkages having a desired resistance profiles under an assumed motion profile. The design approach presented in this thesis calculates the resistance forces by using both(More)
The opinions and findings in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of the funders. The Agricultural Policy Analysis Center gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the American Corn Growers Chief Executive Officer Larry Mitchell in initiating this project. We are especially appreciative of the valuable contributions of a number of people who(More)
Global socioeconomic trends are changing the nature of the American workplace. To address the challenges brought about by these changes, American engineering education must focus on developing students into future professionals, equipped to thrive in the fast-paced, technologically intense, globally competitive workplace of the future. One of the most(More)
Effects of neuropeptide Y (NPY 2.35-4.7 nmol) and the fragment NPY 18-36 (3.6-36 nmol) were studied in anaesthetized rats before and after vagotomy for actions on blood pressure (a postjunctional action) and on the change in pulse interval evoked by stimulation of the cut, peripheral vagus nerve (a prejunctional action). In intact rats NPY increased blood(More)
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