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The cellobiose and mannitol differential sugar test is a non-invasive investigation of small bowel permeability, in which urinary recoveries of cellobiose and mannitol after a hyperosmolar oral load are expressed as a ratio to give a permeability index. Changes in the cellobiose:mannitol ratio often occur in coeliac disease, but some patients with abnormal(More)
The definitive treatment of a pancreatic tumour secreting vasoactive intestinal polypeptide is surgical removal of the tumour, but when curative resection is not possible symptomatic treatment of the endocrine hyperfunction is important. Streptozotocin, although effective for palliation, can involve unpleasant side effects. We report the long term use of(More)
Low-dose oral cyclosporine was used to maintain remission in patients with Crohn's disease. In seven patients, cyclosporine was used as a steroid-sparing agent; in 14 it was given for refractory active disease as an adjunct to conventional treatment, and then continued as maintenance treatment. Cyclosporine was given at an initial dose of 5 mg/kg reduced by(More)
A lactulose/mannitol (La/Ma) test was compared with a standard cellobiose/mannitol test (Ce/Ma) in 17 patients with newly diagnosed celiac disease and 12 healthy controls. The mean La/Ma test was 0.163 (SEM 0.076) in celiacs and 0.016 (SEM 0.002) in controls. The mean Ce/Ma test was 0.132 (SEM 0.024) in celiacs and 0.014 (SEM 0.002) in controls (p less than(More)
AIMS To assess the relation of plasma viscosity to disease activity in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. METHODS Crohn's disease (n = 60) and ulcerative colitis (n = 71) were diagnosed on the basis of typical histological or radiological features. Active Crohn's disease was defined as a Crohn's disease activity index of 150 or over. Active(More)
The cellobiose/mannitol (Ce/Ma) test is a non-invasive technique for investigating intestinal permeability. In coeliac disease there is a decreased absorption of small molecules and paradoxically increased absorption of large molecules. The simultaneous administration of cellobiose and mannitol as two probe molecules allows the permeability of the small(More)
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