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Traveling, living and working in space is now a reality. The number of people and length of time in space is increasing. With new horizons for exploration it becomes more important to fully understand and provide countermeasures to the effects of the space environment on the human body. In addition, space provides a unique laboratory to study how life and(More)
BACKGROUND It is increasingly accepted that patients want information about their proposed treatment, and that provision of such information may alleviate fear and may improve the process of obtaining informed consent. It is not yet clear what form such information should take. OBJECTIVE Based on differences shown previously between patients receiving(More)
Selenium toxicosis was diagnosed in feeder pigs on a central Michigan farm. Use of a commercial supplement, found to contain approximately 20 times the intended Se concentration, resulted in a Se concentration of 8.1 mg/kg of the complete feed. This was fed for 34 days during which daily feed consumption decreased approximately 35%, several pigs developed(More)
This paper discusses the general methodological controversy between individual and group research approaches by comparing the main characteristics of these two methods as applied to the specific context of basic research on voluntary heart rate control. A review of the literature published over the past 19 years in this area of study shows an imbalance in(More)
A 16-year-old, 6.8 kg, castrated male Domestic Short-haired cat was presented to Louisiana State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital with a 3-day history of progressive ataxia, tetraparesis, and altered mentation. The owner did not report having observed evidence of polyuria or polydipsia. The cat had been diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy(More)
Two studies are reported which examined the relative effects of the pressence and absence of monetary incentives and instructions in a heart rate (HR) regulation task. Twelve male undergraduates were offered seven sessions of feedback assisted voluntary HR control training. In Experiment 1 six S s attempted to increase their HR with the aid of a "success,"(More)
According to the behavioural approach, man is the product of his interaction with the environment. Normal as well as pathological behaviours are seen as the result of learning. Even individual subjectivity is perceived as a collection of internal behaviours responding to the same laws as overt behaviour. The therapeutic intervention consists therefore in(More)
This study evaluates the impact of a rehabilitation program developed by a specific unit (304) of Louis H. Lafontaine Hospital to prepare severely disabled long-term psychiatric inpatients for discharge. Patients who participated in the program were evaluated three years after their discharge and compared to control patients paired to them by age, sex and(More)
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