L D Frasier

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Unexplained SDH in infants and children is an accepted marker for AHT. It has been proposed that IVT may be the initiating event leading to the development of acute SDH, mimicking the appearance of traumatic SDH. Our study aims to investigate if nontraumatic IVT causes SDH in the pediatric population. We retrospectively identified 36 patients with IVT and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Accurate differentiation of abusive head trauma and accidental head injury in infants and young children is critical and impacts clinical care, patient prognosis, forensic investigations, and medicolegal proceedings. No specific finding seen on cross-sectional brain imaging has been reported to distinguish abusive head trauma from(More)
BACKGROUND There are striking differences in breast cancer incidence between Asian and western women. Rates vary substantially within Asia also, with Mongolia's even lower than China's. These profound differences have been speculated to be due in part to diet, mediated by circulating hormone concentrations. METHODS Sex steroid hormone concentrations were(More)
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