L D Fothergill

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1. It has been shown that the ability of virulent S. influenzae to kill mice is enhanced by suspending the organism in mucin. 2. The occurrence of a true infection characterized by in vivo multiplication of the organism has been established. 3. The necessity for using a pure inbred strain of mice for this type of study has been confirmed. 4. The increase in(More)
Invest igat ions of the immunologic problems concerned in infections with Haemophilus influenzae, the most impor tan t and serious of which is meningitis , have been hindered to a very considerable extent b y the lack of an experimental animal with adequate susceptibility to infection b y this organism. Studies dealing with the development of a specific(More)
1. A comparative study of the mucin virulence of smooth, converted rough, and respiratory strains of H. influenzae was carried out in mice. 2. The smooth strains were found to be significantly more virulent than either the converted rough or respiratory strains. 3. The converted rough and respiratory strains were found to be approximately equal in(More)
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