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We have studied the influence of synthesized in NIHFI psychotropic drugs echinopsin and adepren for their locomotor activity on white rats in open field and staircase. Comparative parallel experiments were carried out with psychostimulants and antidepressive drugs utilized in therapeutic practice. We found that echinopsin in low doses increases the(More)
Compounds having antimalarial activity along with compounds possessing soporific activity have been found among quinazolone derivatives. The high soporific activity of Motolon, 2-methyl-3-(o-tolyl)-4-quinazolone, and also the l i terature data concerning the various pharmacological activities of 2-methyl-4-quinazolones substituted in the third position(More)
The authors carried out studies on the preparation menilon in order to establish eventual correlations between some pharmacological and pharmakokinetic indices. For this purpose they examined the activity of menilon in rats and mice during electric shock and hypothermia and determined the concentrations of the preparation in plasma and brain in rats. The(More)
Tempidone is original Bulgarian preparation, synthetized in NIHFI (Zelayskov Bikova). The plasma level of the preparation is determined after single oral administration in doses of 60 and 120 mg and for a period of five days in a dose of 20 mg three times daily per a person. It is shown that tempidone is quickly resorbed and is excreted unchanged mainly in(More)