L D Cooley

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The discovery of superconductivity at 39 K in magnesium diboride, MgB2, raises many issues, a critical one being whether this material resembles a high-temperature copper oxide superconductor or a low-temperature metallic superconductor in terms of its behaviour in strong magnetic fields. Although the copper oxides exhibit very high transition temperatures,(More)
Gorlin's syndrome, also known as multiple basal cell carcinoma syndrome, is a familial tumor condition with autosomal-dominant inheritance. Patients develop multiple basal cell carcinomas beginning in childhood. They also have a typical dysmorphic facies, skeletal malformations, and a particular type of epithelial cyst of the jaws. Recent evidence localizes(More)
The discovery of superconductivity at 39 K in magnesium diboride offers the possibility of a new class of low-cost, high-performance superconducting materials for magnets and electronic applications. This compound has twice the transition temperature of Nb3Sn and four times that of Nb-Ti alloy, and the vital prerequisite of strongly linked current flow has(More)
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