L. D'Anna

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This document describes our investigation into software obfuscation for building Self-Protecting Mobile Agents (SPMA). The original goal of the SPMA project was to develop automated tools to protect mobile agents from attacks by malicious hosts. In development of those tools, we realized obfuscation could not be relied upon to give a reasonable amount of(More)
This document presents an analysis of various program obfuscation techniques performed as part of the Self-Protecting Mobile Agents (SPMA) project. We have developed the Java Binary Enhancement Tool (JBET) to explore the real-world tradeoffs in translating and obfuscating Java bytecodes. We consider methods for obfuscating long-term data values, temporary(More)
In this paper we present a novel algorithm for anchor shot detection (ASD). ASD is a fundamental step for segmenting news video into stories that is among key issues for achieving efficient treatment of news-based digital libraries. The proposed algorithm creates a set of audio/video templates of anchorperson shots in an unsupervised way, then classifies(More)
The turning or circling activity of the rat is a very useful experimental model for the study of dopaminergic cerebral pathways. Quantification of turning makes it applicable to follow changes of pattern evolution in the same subject or for comparison between animals under different experimental conditions. Automated quantitative evaluation of turning has(More)
Disturbance of motor reaching behavior was found in a patient submitted to a partial lobectomy including the posterior regions of the parietal cortex. The altered function could be objectivated by means of a battery of tests designed to detect visuo-spatial appreciation following which the subject has to point out to the center of figures with different(More)
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