L. D'Anna

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It has been postulated that autism spectrum disorder is underpinned by an 'atypical connectivity' involving higher-order association brain regions. To test this hypothesis in a large cohort of adults with autism spectrum disorder we compared the white matter networks of 61 adult males with autism spectrum disorder and 61 neurotypical controls, using two(More)
Between 1983 and 1988, endoscopic sphincterotomy was attempted on 1000 consecutive patients with a clinical diagnosis of bileduct stones in a centre with a policy to establish immediate bileduct drainage for retained stones. Endoscopic cholangiography was successful in 985 patients, of whom 782 had visible stones and 203 had a dilated bileduct but no(More)
In this paper we present a novel algorithm for anchor shot detection (ASD). ASD is a fundamental step for segmenting news video into stories that is among key issues for achieving efficient treatment of news-based digital libraries. The proposed algorithm creates a set of audio/video templates of anchorperson shots in an unsupervised way, then classifies(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if behavioral symptoms in patients with primary progressive aphasia (PPA) were associated with degeneration of a ventral frontotemporal network. METHODS We used diffusion tensor imaging tractography to quantify abnormalities of the uncinate fasciculus that connects the anterior temporal lobe and the ventrolateral frontal cortex. Two(More)
The turning or circling activity of the rat is a very useful experimental model for the study of dopaminergic cerebral pathways. Quantification of turning makes it applicable to follow changes of pattern evolution in the same subject or for comparison between animals under different experimental conditions. Automated quantitative evaluation of turning has(More)
Disturbance of motor reaching behavior was found in a patient submitted to a partial lobectomy including the posterior regions of the parietal cortex. The altered function could be objectivated by means of a battery of tests designed to detect visuo-spatial appreciation following which the subject has to point out to the center of figures with different(More)
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