L. Crosby Savage

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[1] Boundary layer observations taken during the METCRAX field study in October of 2006 near Winslow in Northern Arizona revealed the frequent presence of a near-surface wind maximum on nights with relatively quiescent synoptic conditions. Data from a sodar, a radar wind profiler, several surface stations, and frequent high-resolution rawinsonde soundings(More)
Spring gardens will soon bloom with an abundance of flowering plants—from cultivated roses to hillside wildflowers. The diversity among flowering plants is remarkable , and even within a single plant, you find an assortment of shapes and sizes. Plant organs—leaves and petals, for in-stance—clearly have distinct forms and functions and are subject to(More)
A s a grad student at the University of Chicago, Bryan Krantz became interested in how proteins fold (1, 2). But as a postdoc at Harvard (with John Collier), Krantz stopped folding proteins, and started unfolding them instead. In particular, he started unfolding anthrax toxin (3). Most people might think twice before handling anthrax toxin, let alone(More)
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