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Fluid accumulation within the tympanic bulla (TB) is an important diagnostic indicator in clinical cases of canine otitis media although its identification can be a challenge using currently available imaging techniques. The aim of this study was to compare ultrasound with radiography and a single computed tomography (CT) slice for the identification of(More)
A procedure for imaging the canine tympanic bulla, external ear canal and adjacent structures using currently available ultrasound equipment was established. Lateral and ventral transducer positions were identified for this purpose and a 6.5 MHz curvilinear transducer was considered to be optimal. The sonographic appearance of these structures in cadavers(More)
Dux magnus gentis venteris saginati is considered to be a Scottish delicacy; however, depleting wild stocks have resulted in attempts to farm them. Selective breeding has been successful in modifying behaviour, increasing body length, reducing hair coat and improving fank (litter) size. However, there are still significant problems associated with the(More)
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