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The authors report two new cases of endocarditis secondary to exceptionnally encountered germs: one to Pasteurella pneumotropica, the other ascribed to Leptospira ictero-haemorragiae, on serologic criteria. Concerning these two cases, they propose to take a census of rare germs, from a detailed study of the literature. Among more than 5,000 cases of(More)
Cardiac failure caused by high doses of amphetamine-like drugs is rare. We report a case of decompensated congestive cardiomyopathy occurring in a 29 year old woman addicted to clobenzorex (Dinintel). This patient had been taking 5 to 7 capsules per day for 5 years. No other cause of cardiac failure was detected. A rapid improvement was obtained by(More)
The case of a 53-year-old patient with scapulo-humero-peroneal wasting, early flexion contractures of the elbows and ankles, abnormal cardiac conduction and probable X-related heredity is reported. Histology was suggestive of a primary and very slowly progressive muscular disorder. CT scan revealed fatty muscle degeneration which was more extensive than(More)
Single ventricular stimulation induces haemodynamic disturbances, the best known of which is the pacemaker syndrome. In order to assess the prevalence and severity of these abnormalities, invasive blood pressure monitoring was performed in 396 consecutive patients undergoing endocavitary electrophysiological investigations: a decrease in systolic blood(More)