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Fiber group-velocity dispersion and polarization mode dispersion must be dynamically compensated to avoid performance degradation of optical networks at high bit rates. Precise and reliable dynamic impairment compensation is enabled by optical impairment monitoring. In this paper, GVD and first order PMD monitoring with SOA is demonstrated. XPM is used to(More)
We propose and experimentally demonstrate a flexible wavelength division multiplexing/time division multiplexing network architecture for converged metro-access environment. Entire passiveness in the fiber plant is achieved with remote amplification in the signal distribution nodes along the metro ring and in the power splitters of the local access tree. We(More)
A new strategy is proposed to efficiently monitor fibre plant failures in current and future optical access networks by implementing an OTDR subsystem in the physical layer. The viability of the method is evaluated by analyzing its theoretical performance limits. Experimental results demonstrate the applicability of the method.
In this paper we propose what we believe to be a novel method for monitoring chromatic dispersion (CD). We use radio-frequency (RF) power monitoring and Q-factor monitoring. We use a method for capturing opened eye diagrams with high-speed electro-optical sampling. This allows the calculation of the Q factor, here used to signal the correct CD. Simulation(More)
We are creating a serious game in Oncobiology that will allow the player to support clinical decisions with biological data, with the aim of promoting hypothesis-driven clinical research. Serious games are becoming an important subject of research as they are a tool with increasing potential to the acquisition of knowledge and training of skills. Physicians(More)
A new method for monitoring metro/access optical networks with complex hybrid topologies based on a tunable OTDR and reference reflections produced by reflective elements located in the network. Using a particular configuration for a ring + tree network, the system is able to maintain surveillance of the channels characteristic, to detect the presence of(More)
A vertical perspective, ranging from management and routing to physical layer options, concerning dynamic network monitoring and compensation of impairments (M&C), is given. Feasibility, reliability, and performance improvements on reconfigurable transparent networks are expected to arise from the consolidated assessment of network management and control(More)
In this paper, we describe the monitoring of Portand cement paste, with a 0.50 water cement ratio (w/c), during early age period, recurring to optical and electrical techniques. The optical monitoring of the cement paste was realized with FBG temperature sensors, and the temperature variations during the early age period were characterized. The RF values of(More)