L. Cordiner

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Four groups of 15-19 adult ISA Brown hens were studied in pens to assess the relationship between social status and use of perches and nestboxes. This was to test the hypothesis that subordinate hens use these resources more by day, for avoiding dominants, but that dominants use perches more at night, for roosting. The experiment consisted of a 5-week(More)
At a time of change for the railway networks of Europe we have been developing tools to assess ergonomics aspects of railway network control. This is within the Railway Ergonomics Control Assessment Package (RECAP). Among the developments have been an audit instrument (REQUEST), tools to assess situation awareness (RESA) and staff loading (RELOAD), and(More)
1. Three experiments were carried out with ISA Brown laying hens housed in individual cages with softwood perches of rectangular cross section fitted across the width of each cage, to investigate factors affecting the tendency of hens to lay their eggs from the perches and to use perches at other times. These factors were perch width and angle and method of(More)
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