L. Corbin Downey

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OBJECTIVES To refine the Family Satisfaction in the Intensive Care Unit (FS-ICU) survey and develop a validated method for scoring the instrument. DESIGN Instrument development study, using data from two prospective cohort studies. SETTING Intensive care units in seven university-affiliated hospitals (six Canadian, one United States). SUBJECTS Family(More)
RATIONALE Palliative care in the intensive care unit (ICU) is an important focus for quality improvement. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effectiveness of a multi-faceted quality improvement intervention to improve palliative care in the ICU. METHODS We performed a single-hospital, before-after study of a quality-improvement intervention to improve(More)
Despite considerable self-initiated HIV risk reduction among men who have sex with men, little is known about how to design interventions that will effectively assist individuals from this population in maintaining safer sex behaviors over time. The present study evaluated the effectiveness of a 17-session group counseling intervention that incorporated(More)
BACKGROUND Patients' deaths in the ICU have been associated with a high burden of psychologic symptoms in families. This study identifies characteristics associated with psychologic symptoms in family members. METHODS Families of patients dying in the ICU or within 30 h of ICU discharge in 11 hospitals previously participated in a randomized trial. In the(More)
Late-onset sepsis in premature infants is a major cause of morbidity, mortality, and increased medical costs. Risk factors include low birth weight, low gestational age, previous antimicrobial exposure, poor hand hygiene, and central venous catheters. Methods studied to prevent late-onset sepsis include early feedings, immune globulin administration,(More)
BACKGROUND Many women use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Although CAM use has been associated with reductions in conventionally recommended pediatric preventive care (e.g., vaccination), little is known about associations between CAM use and receipt of recommended preventive screening in women. METHODS Using Washington State insurance data(More)
This article reports findings from a randomized controlled trial of massage and guided meditation with patients at the end of life. Using data from 167 randomized patients, the authors considered patient outcomes through 10 weeks post-enrollment, as well as next-of-kin ratings of the quality of the final week of life for 106 patients who died during study(More)
Although most intensive care unit (ICU) admissions originate in the emergency department (ED), a substantial number of admissions arrive from hospital wards. Patients transferred from the hospital ward often share clinical characteristics with those admitted from the ED, but family expectations may differ. An understanding of the impact of ICU admission(More)
This study evaluated gender differences in baseline characteristics and treatment outcomes among 654 treatment seekers referred to state-funded drug treatment. Women were significantly less likely than men to enter treatment following referral, but not significantly less likely to complete treatment, once they entered. After adjustment for treatment dose,(More)