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Utilizing the CLASS statistical sample, we investigate the constraint of the splitting angle statistic of strong gravitational lenses(SGL) on the equation-ofstate parameter w = p/ρ of the dark energy in the flat cold dark matter cosmology. Through the comoving number density of dark halos described by PressSchechter theory, dark energy affects the(More)
The effect of yaw angle on wake characteristics behind a yawed square cylinder was examined at a Reynolds number (Re) of 3600. Velocity and vorticity fluctuations were measured using a one-dimensional hot-wire vorticity probe. It is found that the large-scale structures contribute the most to the streamwise and transverse velocity variances, as well as(More)
Observational determinations of the correlation between the characteristic density δc and the virial mass Mvir of dark halos constitute a critical test for models of hierarchical structure formation. Using the dynamical properties of dark halos reconstructed from the galaxy distributions in massive systems (groups/clusters) and the rotation curves in less(More)
While both X-ray emission and Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) temperature fluctuations are generated by the warm-hot gas in dark matter halos, the two observables have different dependence on the underlying physical properties, including the gas distribution. A cross-correlation between the soft X-ray background (SXRB) and the SZ sky may allow an additional probe(More)
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