L Chanteloup

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In order to examine the internal dynamic processes of the dodecamer d(CGCAAATTTGCG)2, the 13C-enriched oligonucleotide has been synthesized. The three central thymines were selectively 13C-labeled at the C1' position and their spin-lattice relaxation parameters R(CZ), R(CX,Y), R(HZ-->CZ), R(2HZCZ), R(2HZCX,Y) and R(HZC) were measured. Density functions were(More)
We present NMR studies of an intramolecular triple helix, the three strands of which have been linked by a hexaethylene glycol chain. To overcome the generally encountered difficulties of assignment in the homo-pyrimidine strands, the carbon Cl' of the pyrimidines were selectively 13C-enriched. Assignments of the aromatic and sugar protons were obtained(More)
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