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OBJECTIVE The biomechanics of wheelchair propulsion have been linked to upper extremity injury. Specifically, prior studies have correlated increased median nerve dysfunction with increasing propulsion frequency and a higher rate of rise of the resultant, or total, pushrim force. Despite this link, there is little research on the effect of wheelchair setup(More)
Retroviruses are, at present, the most efficient integrative vectors available for gene delivery. However, these viruses are still limited by relatively low titres. Although several protocols exist to improve virus titre most of them are time-consuming and unable to provide sufficient virus for in vivo applications. Virus titre can be enhanced by polybrene(More)
Although increasing attention has been given to psychological abuse in intimate partner relationships, relatively little is known about this complex problem among Chinese women. A better understanding of psychological abuse in Chinese intimate relationships is warranted because Chinese culture is shame-oriented. Women, therefore, may be more susceptible to(More)
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education includes training in research as a required component of physical medicine and rehabilitation residency programs. Unfortunately, there is a lack of practical information on how to meet this requirement. In this paper, information is provided for individuals involved in resident education on how to(More)
The proposed intelligent estimator is implemented using nearest neighbor classifier for automatic grading of red delicious apple fruit from its surface color using machine vision. Though different variants of nearest neighbor classifier are reported in the literature for color classification yet no systematic study is reported till-date for its application(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine violence against separated, divorced, and married women using Statistics Canada's 2004 General Social Survey. Based on a subsample of 6,716 heterosexual Douglas A. Brownridge, PhD, is Associate Professor, Department of Family Social Sciences, and Adjunct Professor, Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice,(More)