L. Cerda

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Association rules are considered to be the best studied models for data mining. In this article, we propose their use in order to extract knowledge so that normal behavior patterns may be obtained in unlawful transactions from transactional credit card databases in order to detect and prevent fraud. The proposed methodology has been applied on data about(More)
—Achieving QoS (Quality of Service) in Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANET) has been a research topic in the last years. In this paper we describe a QoS reservation mechanism for Mul-tirate Ad-hoc Networks. By multirate we refer to those networks where the mobile nodes can dynamically switch between several link rates. This allows the mobile nodes to select the(More)
There is a growing number of applications that nowadays need Quality of Service guarantees in order to provide their services correctly. Among these applications , we may cite Voice over IP, video-conference, video-on-demand etc. More recently, the spread of wireless networks , and more precisely, ad-hoc networks brought the attention to the need of a(More)
— Traditional ad-hoc routing protocols typically choose minimum hop paths for transmissions. In a multi-rate environment, where nodes may elect between several transmission rates in order to accommodate different channel conditions, these protocols usually choose paths that contain long range links, with low effective throughput and low reliability. In this(More)
— In this paper we address the design of a packet buffer for future high-speed routers that support line rates as high as OC-3072 (160 Gb/s), and a high number of ports and service classes. We describe a general design for hybrid DRAM/SRAM packet buffers that exploits bank organization of DRAM. This novel General Hybrid DRAM/SRAM Architecture includes some(More)