L. Cenciotti

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To evaluate the relative contribution that dialyzer membrane composition and geometry make to hemodialysis-associated platelet loss, the effect of a single dialysis with three different types of dialyzers on platelet count was examined on a cross-over basis in 19 uremic patients on maintenance hemodialysis. Also, the plasma levels of antithrombin-iii before(More)
BACKGROUND In the past, several studies showed the existence of a synergistic behavior between elbow and shoulder joints during reaching movements in able-bodied subjects. The aim of this paper was to characterize the modifications of upper arm synergies during reaching induced by stroke. METHODS Ten able-bodied right-handed subjects, eight right-handed(More)
The possible relationship between erythrocyte (RBC) function and secondary hyperparathyroidism (HPT) was examined in 35 uremic patients on maintenance hemodialysis. Mechanical tests (i.e., osmotic fragility and deformability) were used to assess RBC function. Secondary HPT was evaluated by means of serum biochemistry (parathyroid hormone, calcium,(More)