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BACKGROUND The most common form of tinnitus is a subjective, auditory, and distressing phantom phenomenon. Comorbidity with depression is high but other important psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders have received less attention. The current paper reviews the literature on the associations between tinnitus and anxiety disorders and the underlying(More)
We postulated that patients with an internal locus of control, i.e. those who like to control their health problems themselves, would adapt more adequately to the 'patient-controlled analgesia' technique as compared to patients with an external health locus of control, who do not believe in their own control. Since contradicting studies have been published(More)
In an African population of 292 women, hospitalised for psychiatric reasons, the seropositivity for HIV was clearly found higher than in the general corresponding population; this was particularly significant for first hospitalisations; furthermore, the seropositivity became twice as high in the group hospitalised several times. The HIV, known for(More)
All the theories of mind used in the treatment of mental illnesses are based on one or another kind of determinism. Therefore, psychiatrists are obliged to conceive the subjective free will of their patients as a psychological function that their theories do not explain. As a result of it, they encounter many difficulties in the ethical aspects of their(More)
The authors analyze the issue of the penal responsibility raised by the psychiatrists as expert witnesses. According to the A.P.A. Commission on this issue, they stress the incompatibility between the judicial and the psychiatric concepts. The issue does not belong to the psychiatric domain as such but resides within the boundaries of philosophy and ethics.(More)
Even if widely described, hypochondriasis remains a multidimensional concept which has to be carefully reconsidered: different meanings are indeed involved in its use, coming from historical and classical psychiatry, and from psychoanalysis as well as from the new trends in psychosomatic medicine and liaison psychiatry. The syndrome/symptom confusion has to(More)
Recent research has shown that myocardial ischemia, even in a severe form, may occur without anginal symptoms. The pathophysiology of such silent ischemic episodes and cardiac ischemic pain in general remain unclear. The aim of this study is to investigate the possible interaction between undercomplaining and denial mechanisms with pain acceptance, in order(More)
This paper present a statistical study on the population of 775 psychiatric emergencies that arrived at the emergency service of Saint-Luc Hospital in Brussels (Belgium), between September 1, 1986 and December 31, 1986. The first request of the patient is medical, whereas his relatives expect that the abnormal and disturbing aspects of the patient's(More)
Recent research has shown that patients with life-threatening illnesses have improved chances of survival and enhanced abilities to manage situational anxiety and depression if, instead of recognizing the seriousness of their illness, they employ the psychological defense mechanism of denial. Denial as a coping style provides indeed marked benefits for the(More)
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