L. Carlioz

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This paper introduces a voltage multiplier (VM) circuit which can step up a minimum voltage of 150 mV (peak). The operation and characteristics of this converter circuit are described. The voltage multiplier circuit is also tested with micro and macro scale electromagnetic vibrational generators and the effect of the VM on the optimum load conditions of the(More)
Autonomous microsystems are confronted today to a major challenge: the one of energy supply. Energy scavenging, i.e. collecting energy from the ambient environment has been developed to answer this problematic. Various sources have already been successfully used (solar, vibration). This article presents temporal variations of temperature as a new source of(More)
In recent years, a very large amount of scientific work has been achieved around Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Some industrial success stories (accelerometers, gyroscopes and MOEMS) have shown their maturity. MEMS are now starting to take place around us in our everyday life as the microelectronic did 20 years ago. However, a lot of effort is(More)
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