L. C. W. Dixon

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In this paper, an unconstrained minimization algorithm is defined in which a nonmonotone line search technique is employed in association with a truncated Newton algorithm. Numerical results obtained for a set of standard test problems are reported which indicate that the proposed algorithm is highly effective in the solution of illconditioned as well as of(More)
In this paper, we describe an application of the planar conjugate gradient method introduced in Part 1 (Ref. 1) and aimed at solving indefinite nonsingular sets of linear equations. We prove that it can be used fruitfully within optimization frameworks; in particular, we present a globally convergent truncated Newton scheme, which uses the above planar(More)
In September 1980, mousepox was diagnosed in mice from the Jewish Hospital in St Louis, Missouri. The disease was eliminated by vaccination with vaccinia virus. In October 1980, mousepox was suspected in mice located in an off-campus research facility of the University of Chicago. Based on history, clinical signs, serology, and characteristic pathological(More)
Salmonella agona, S anatum, and S oranienburg were isolated from the feces of mice in the course of screening over 4,000 fecal samples from rodents in 22 research and production facilities. The rodents were monitored repeatedly over an 8-month period in 1979-80. These three Salmonella isolates were cultured from mice at 11 of the 22 facilities. Salmonella(More)
Mice in a hybrid breeding colony developed symptoms compatible with a diagnosis of salmonellosis. Salmonella oranienburg was recovered from feces by conventional bacteriological techniques. Active salmonellosis appeared to be precipitated by the stress of pregnancy among breeder female BALB/c mice. Necropsy examination of the BALB/c breeder females revealed(More)
Ulcerative dermatitis (UD) is an idiopathic disease that affects C57BL/6 mice and those having a B6 background. The hallmark of UD is pruritus, which leads to self-mutilation and epidermal ulceration typically in the intrascapular region. Although several treatments for UD have been published, some involve the use of pharmacologic agents that might confound(More)
Economical, injectable antibiotics are beneficial when clinical manifestations of an animal model prevent the use of oral antibiotics. Ceftiofur crystalline-free acid (CCFA) is an injectable, sustained-release form of ceftiofur, a third-generation cephalosporin that is labeled for use in swine, cattle, and horses. Because CCFA is an economical, injectable(More)