L. C. Shriver-Lake

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The following review focuses on progress made in the last five years with the NRL Array Biosensor, a portable instrument for rapid and simultaneous detection of multiple targets. Since 2003, the Array Biosensor has been automated and miniaturized for operation at the point-of-use. The Array Biosensor has also been used to demonstrate (1) quantitative(More)
With recent advances in surface chemistry, microfluidics, and data analysis, there are ever increasing reports of array-based methods for detecting and quantifying multiple targets. However, only a few systems have been described that require minimal preparation of complex samples and possess a means of quantitatively assessing matrix effects. The NRL Array(More)
—The utility of pathogen and toxin detection systems depends not only upon sensitivity, specificity and capability for multiplexed recognition, but also on access at the point of need, ease of use, and response time. Combining microfluidics and optical biosensors facilitates miniaturization and automation, while careful design makes it possible to test(More)
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