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INTRODUCTION The treatment of amblyopia by occlusion of the fellow eye is beset by problems related to compliance, stigmatization, and regression of visual acuity (VA). Atropine or optical penalization has been used as an alternative treatment for amblyopia and might be synergistic as a combination therapy. Combined optical and atropine penalization(More)
BACKGROUND Compliance with prescribed occlusion therapy is a significant problem in the treatment of amblyopia. Parental preference for a particular type of occlusion treatment has not been previously addressed. Unless parental views are taken into account when planning therapy, compliance may be poor and treatment may fail. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Parents(More)
Two children developed sudden progressive unilateral poliosis of their eyelashes during the course of a 1-month period. The poliosis occurred in the absence of any associated condition apart from vitiligo, both of which have remained isolated findings after 2 and 4 years of follow-up, respectively. Although it is important to exclude associated conditions,(More)
Two hundred and thirty four patients (adults and babies) with conjunctivitis were investigated by taking eye swabs and in addition by taking per-nasal swabs. Chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from 20 patients and adenovirus from 14 patients. Per-nasal swabbing led to a 53% increase in chlamydia diagnosis and a 27% increase in the diagnosis of adenovirus(More)
A rare case of visual loss as the presenting feature of a central arteriovenous malformation involving the vein of Galen is reported. A 5-year-old girl with a history of deteriorating vision for the past 6 months was examined. Ocular examination showed a left hemianopia, left optic atrophy, and dilated vessels of the right optic disc. MRI revealed a massive(More)
Adenoviral (AdV) keratoconjunctivitis usually presents as a follicular conjunctivitis, with a pre-auricular lymphadenopathy and punctate epithelial keratitis. It is most commonly caused by AdV serotypes 8, 19 and 37 from subgenus D. Most patients have a self-limited disease of 1–2 weeks duration, and usually the virus cannot be isolated from tear film more(More)
The control of large military forces is creating the need for large data-processing systems located in transport aircraft and in other situations where tight quarters and hostile environments call for the design features found in airborne systems. In these applications the configuration of the computer and its peripheral equipment strongly resembles what is(More)
Identical female twins (age 11 years) with congenital ocular motor apraxia and generalized idiopathic epilepsy are reported. Their presenting symptoms were a long history of abnormal head and eye movements. One twin developed partial sensory seizures. The patients underwent 16-channel EEG, electro-oculographic recordings, MRI of the brain, and genetic and(More)
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