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The course of osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the patella and the results of operative treatment are analyzed retrospectively in a review of 31 operatively treated cases in 25 patients. Followup was obtained for 21 cases, with an average of 73 months (range, 15 months to 20 years). These 25 patients were predominantly males, and averaged 18 years of age(More)
The medical records, radiographs and operative reports of ten consecutive patients of average age 37 (range 19-67) years with wrist pain secondary to structural disruption of the scapholunate interosseous ligament (Geissler Type 2 injuries) who were treated with wrist arthroscopy and electrothermal collagen shrinkage of the scapholunate interosseous(More)
Sixty-eight consecutive unicompartment knee arthroplasties were reviewed. Seven patients were lost to follow-up evaluation, and the review group consisted of 55 patients with 61 medial compartment replacements. Follow-up periods averaged 51 months, with a range of 24 to 70 months. All of the knees had a Robert Brigham unicompartment arthroplasty. All(More)
The CO2 laser is a precision surgical laser because of its high degree of absorption in soft tissue with limited lateral damage. The tissue, which absorbs the CO2 laser energy, and has a high water content, will be converted to vapor with a small residue of ash and a by-product of heat. The laser can only be effective if these by-products, i.e. vapors,(More)
A modular humeral hemiarthroplasty utilizing a prosthesis with a taper-lock design was performed on a 77-year-old woman with a diagnosis of rotator cuff arthropathy. Radiographic examination at 3 months after surgery revealed disarticulation of the modular head and neck from the humeral prosthetic stem. This is a case report of a disarticulated modular(More)
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