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InSb-based quantum well field-effect transistors, with gate length down to 0.2 /spl mu/m, are fabricated for the first time. Hall measurements show that room temperature electron mobilities over 30,000 cm /sup 2/V/sup -1/s/sup -1/ are achieved with a sheet carrier density over 1/spl times/10/sup 12/ cm/sup -2/ in a modulation doped InSb quantum well with(More)
We present high-field magnetotransport data from a range of 30-nm-wide InSb/InAlSb quantum wells with room-temperature mobilities in excess of 6 m2 V−1 s−1. Samples with the narrowest Landau level broadening exhibit beating patterns in the magnetoresistance attributed to zero-field spin splitting. Rashba parameters are extracted from a range of samples and(More)
J. M. S. Orr,1,2 A. M. Gilbertson,1,3 M. Fearn,1 O. W. Croad,1 C. J. Storey,1 L. Buckle,1 M. T. Emeny,1 P. D. Buckle,1,* and T. Ashley1 1QinetiQ, Malvern WR14 3PS, United Kingdom 2School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester, Manchester M60 1QD, United Kingdom 3Department of Physics, Imperial College, London SW72AZ, United(More)
Spin-resolved cyclotron resonance is observed in InSb/AlInSb quantum-well heterostructures. Spin-resolved transitions are identified for fields greater than 2.2 T and confirmed by k ·p modeling. The cyclotron effective mass is calculated for a range of fields up to 11.5 T and is indicative of the strong nonparabolicity in this material. Resonant coupling is(More)
  • S. Datta, T. Ashley, +11 authors R. Chau
  • 2009
We demonstrate for the first time 85nm gate length enhancement and depletion mode InSb quantum well transistors with unity gain cutoff frequency, fT, of 305 GHz and 256 GHz, respectively, at 0.5V VDS, suitable for high speed, very low power logic applications. The InSb transistors demonstrate 50% higher unity gain cutoff frequency, fT, than silicon NMOS(More)
The heterogeneous integration of InSb quantum well transistors onto silicon substrates is investigated for the first time. 85 nm gate length FETs with fT1⁄4 305 GHz at Vds1⁄4 0.5 V and DC performance suitable for digital logic are demonstrated on material with a buffer just 1.8 mm thick. An initial step towards integrating InSb FETs with mainstream Si CMOS(More)
We have used two-color time-resolved spectroscopy to measure the relaxation of electron spin polarizations in a bulk semiconductor. The circularly polarized pump beam induces a polarization either by direct excitation from the valence band, or by free-carrier (Drude) absorption when tuned to an energy below the band gap. We find that the spin relaxation(More)
Indium antimonide has the highest electron mobility and saturation velocity of any semiconductor, so has potential for ultra-high frequency operation with very low power dissipation. Unoptimised, uncooled quantum well heterojunction FETs, with gate length of 85nm, that have a cutoff frequency of 340GHz at only 0.5 V V<sub>ds</sub>. The prospects of this(More)