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The tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS) is an entrapment of the posterior tibial nerve at the ankle, which, like carpal tunnel syndrome, improves with surgery but needs an instrumental diagnosis to exclude other diseases. This study was performed to evaluate the diagnostic value of nerve conduction tests proposed for the diagnosis of TTS. Of the 13 patients who(More)
In a period of one year (1990) we selected 40 patients suffering from migraine. For an open randomized study there were 2 groups of patients: the first were treated with 10mg of flunarizine per day and the second with 3 mg per day. The patients were treated for 4 months consecutively. There were 11 drop outs (27.5%): nine for poor compliance and 2 due to(More)
Sir, Migraine-related strokes have .recently [5] been classified as: 1) coexisting stroke and migraine; 2) stroke with clinical features of migraine; 3) migraine-induced stroke; 4) stroke of uncertain classification. We discuss the relations between migraine and ischemic stroke with reference io the case of a 35 year old woman with a long history of(More)
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