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These experiments tested the hypothesis that unmutated germline genes from normal mice can encode autoantibodies. We found that the unmutated VHIdCR gene segment, which encodes a large proportion of antiarsonate antibodies in A/J mice, also encodes antibodies with the ability to bind to DNA and cytoskeletal proteins. After Ars immunization, at a time when(More)
MRL-lpr/lpr mice spontaneously develop a lethal form of systemic lupus erythematosus associated with massive lymphadenopathy, polyclonal B-cell activity, autoantibody production and antibody-dependent tissue injury. The sequence of events leading to B-cell proliferation and pathogenic autoantibody production are not clearly defined--abnormalities of both B(More)
Sequential anti-idiotypes have defined a pair of idiotypes with an idiotype-anti-idiotype relationship to each other in the variable region of the monoclonal anti-DNA antibody 16/6. A rabbit immunized with 16/6 made an antibody-1 (anti-Id-16/6R) and an antibody-2 (anti-anti-Id-16/6 or anti-anti-Id 16/6M). The latter bound to M-2, a monoclonal mouse(More)
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