L. Brandenburg

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We consider the problem of identifying the maximal ideals of a Banach algebra S that is contained in a larger Banach algebra B. If S is dense in B in an appropriate sense and if the spectral radii in S and B are the same, then S and B have the same maximal ideals. The result is illustrated by two examples of Banach algebras S in which the density and(More)
The survey administrations of the federal states in Germany are currently building up the basic geoinformation system ATKIS. Data collection for the first realization stage of the DLM 25 (Digital Landscape Model) has already been completed. Currently the DLM 25/1 is beeing updated and extended to the second stage DLM 25/2. The State Survey Administration of(More)
A plan for the introduction of time-division switching in the intertoll network is outlined. The plan uses the No. 4 ess as the switching vehicle. The plan defines a Switched Digital Network (sdn) which can evolve compatibly with the existing Switched Analog Network (san). The plan introduces 64 kilobits per second time-division multiplexed pcm as a(More)
In the sampling and reconstruction of a random process a discrepancy may occur between its multiplicity and that of its reconstructed version. It is shown that under general conditions an error due to this discrepancy is not present in the total error due to sampling and reconstruction. The problem is studied in the more general f ramework of tracking a(More)
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