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The control of exploratory and manipulative procedures in Teleoperation and Virtual Environments requires the availability of adequate advanced interfaces capable not only of recording the movements of the human hands and arms, but also of replicating sensations of contact and collisions. In this paper the problem of replicating external forces acting(More)
New details on the structure of beta-casein adsorbed layers, at the air-water interface, have been obtained using X-ray and neutron reflectivity. The experimental data are fitted well by a power law model and the results discussed in terms of the distribution of amino-acid sequences between trains, loops and tails. This distribution seems to be consistent(More)
one can see Eq. (3) is not very simple but it is used a few times for each image and so computing time are not signiicantly changed. Another problem is that now epipolar lines are no more parallel; anyway, if theta is small, one can suppose them to be still parallel and so performing the matching in the way seen before. All of this leads to a decay in(More)
2014 The structures of thin lamellar films can be determined through a combination of three X-ray experiments using synchrotron radiation. Diffraction experiments in the transmission geometry give the intralamellar ordering, the diffraction at small glancing angles yields the interlamellar organization, and the critical reflection provides the density(More)
2014 Using an X-ray diamond anvil cell, we have found superlattice reflections, characteristic of the high pressure-low temperature phase III of NH4HC2O4, 1/2 H2O. At 77 K and 0.75 GPa, these peaks are located around each Bragg peaks of phase I at position (h, k, 1 ± 03B4) with 03B4 ~ 0.25. Revue Phys. Appl. 23 (1988) 105-109 FÉVRIER 1988, Classification(More)