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Mitochondrial precursor proteins made in the cytosol bind to a hetero-oligomeric protein import receptor on the mitochondrial surface and then pass through the translocation channel across the outer membrane. This translocation step is accelerated by an acidic domain of the receptor subunit Mas22p, which protrudes into the intermembrane space. This 'trans'(More)
Mitochondrial hsp70 (mhsp70) is located in the matrix and an essential component of the mitochondrial protein import system. To study the function of mhsp70 and to identify possible partner proteins we constructed a yeast strain in which all mhsp70 molecules carry a C-terminal hexa-histidine tag. The tagged mhsp70 appears to be functional in vivo. When an(More)
Protein import across both mitochondrial membranes is mediated by the cooperation of two distinct protein transport systems, one in the outer and the other in the inner membrane. Previously we described a 45 kDa yeast mitochondrial inner membrane protein (ISP45) that can be cross-linked to a partially translocated precursor protein (Scherer et al., 1992).(More)
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