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Hyperthyroidism is considered to be an insulin-resistant state, but a quantitative evaluation of some action of insulin is still lacking. We performed euglycaemic clamp at about 350 and 7000 pmol l-1 plasma insulin concentration in combination with the 3H-glucose infusion in 12 patients with Graves' disease and in 12 matched controls. Fasting plasma insulin(More)
Insulin resistance in hyperthyroidism seems to depend on increased glucose production rather than on decreased glucose utilization. A decreased insulin binding on different target cells has been reported in patients in whom an in vivo evaluation of peripheral insulin sensitivity was lacking. In 20 patients with Graves' disease (6 males, 14 females), aged(More)
Benfluorex has been reported to decrease blood glucose in different dismetabolic conditions, particularly in noninsulin-dependent diabetic (NIDD) patients, but the mechanism of this effect is poorly known. We evaluate fasting glucose production (3H-glucose infusion) and B-cell secretion (phi 1, phi 2 and glucose utilization SI) (minimal model technique) in(More)
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