L. Bailón

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In this work, we show the existence of flat band voltage transients in ultrathin Gd2O3 dielectric films on silicon, one of the high-k dielectrics nowadays proposed to substitute silicon oxide as the dielectric gate on the future complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor circuit generations. These transients were obtained by recording the gate voltage while(More)
A complete electrical characterization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon layers (a-Si:H) deposited on crystalline silicon (c-Si) substrates by electron cyclotron resonance chemical vapor deposition (ECR-CVD) was carried out. These structures are of interest for photovoltaic applications. Different growth temperatures between 30 and 200 °C were used. A rapid(More)
Intermediate band silicon solar cells have been fabricated by Titanium ion implantation and laser annealing. A two-layer heterogeneous system, formed by the implanted layer and by the unimplanted substrate is obtained. In this work we present electrical characterization results which evidence the formation of the intermediate band on silicon when ion(More)
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