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The original work of Gale and Shapley on an assignment method using the stable marriage criterion has been extended to find all the stable marriage assignments. The algorithm derived for finding all the stable marriage assignments is proved to satisfy all the conditions of the problem. Algorithm 411 applies to this paper.
begin proposal [i] := maleehoice [i, malecounter [i]]; malecounter [i] := malecounter [i]-1-1; m := m-1-1; refuse [i] := false end else proposal [i] : =-1 ; if m = 0 then go to FINISH; comment The procedure terminates if at any stage no proposals are made by the men; count := count q-m; comment In the next part of the procedure all the women who have had a(More)
In this work we study families of quadratic twists of abelian varieties with complex multiplication by means of the associated Hecke characters, fo-cusing upon the special cases of elliptic curves and their Weil restrictions. Following Gross, we say that an elliptic curve E/F with complex multiplication is a Q-curve if it is isogenous to all its Galois(More)
This article describes the use of the well-tested Future Search approach to achieving a common goal through a peer-managed consensus model. The issues and planning strategies forged through the use of the Future Search process are relevant to both volunteerism in general and senior volunteerism in particular. With rapid changes in societal infrastructures,(More)