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The case report presented herein documents the unusual simulaneous occurrence of psoriasis and tinea corporis in a patient and reviews the diagnostic and therapeutic problems that arose during the treatment of these two morphologically similar papulosquamous diseases. The report emphasizes the need for careful re-evaluation of patients who have atypical(More)
The treatment of scleromyxedema has been largely ineffective. We report improvement of scleromyxedema with myopathy after treatment with isotretinoin, 40 mg twice a day. We review other therapeutic modalities used for this disorder and discuss properties of isotretinoin that may have contributed to the favorable response.
Spiny keratoderma is a dermatosis consisting of multiple projections located on the palms and soles, with a distinct histology characteristic of a parakeratotic column above a hypogranular epidermis. We report six cases discovered within a year and review the present literature on spiny keratoderma. The average age of the patients was 57 years. Fifty-seven(More)
A patient with eosinophilic granuloma, with extensive oral mucous membrane involvement, was treated with intralesional triamcinolone acetonide injections. Although radiation therapy had failed, this treatment resulted in remission. The biopsy specimen from the patient's lesion contained a predominance of OKT6-positive cells, which were shown by electron(More)
Contrary to reports in the literature, we found no statistical difference between the prevalence of atopic disorders (asthma, hayfever, and atopic dermatitis) in patients with sickle-cell anemia and their prevalence in nonsickle-cell reference populations. We examined this issue by determining the prevalence of atopy in a sickle-cell anemia population.
A 56-year-old black man had generalized chronic dermatitis for two years before parapsoriasis en plaque (large type) with hyper-IgE (12,000-22,000 ng/ml) was diagnosed. Lymphocyte cultures showed decreased response to mitogens. Direct immunofluorescence of involved skin showed epidermal and dermal mast cells with bound IgE. Parapsoriasis with hyper-IgE may(More)
The authors describe decreases in wastage and return rates in their Pharmacy Service department in a 471-bed tertiary hospital. Through procedural changes in mixing and delivery schedules, stability updating, and daily communication with the Nursing Service, Pharmacy Service dropped from a 3.9% to a 1.44% wastage rate and from a 15.75% to an 8.2% return(More)
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