L. Arriana Brand

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Riparian areas are noted for their high biodiversity, but this has rarely been tested across a wide range of taxonomic groups. We set out to describe species richness, species abundance, and community similarity patterns for 11 taxonomic groups (forbs & grasses, shrubs, trees, solpugids, spiders, scarab beetles, butterflies, lizards, birds, rodents, and(More)
Salt evaporation ponds are used in place of lost natural estuarine habitats for foraging and roosting by waterbirds around the world, but have started to be decommissioned in some areas due to low profitability. In San Francisco Bay, three former salt pond complexes (Alviso, Eden Landing, and Ravenswood) have been decommissioned, i.e., taken out of(More)
Salt evaporation ponds have played an important role as habitat for migratory waterbirds across the world, however, efforts to restore and manage these habitats to maximize their conservation value has proven to be challenging. For example, salinity reduction has been a goal for restoring and managing former salt evaporation ponds to support waterbirds in(More)
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