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The need for quantitative information is becoming increasingly important in the clinical field. In this paper we present an interactive X11 based system, devoted to segmentation of multivariate medical images, including an unsupervised neural network approach to clustering. The following steps are considered in the analysis sequence: feature extraction,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE It is essential to measure the skin dose of radiation received by patients during interventional neuroradiologic procedures performed under fluoroscopic guidance, such as embolization of cerebral aneurysms, which is regarded as a high-dose interventional radiology procedure. In this study, we report a method for evaluating maximum(More)
Total 3-D reconstruction of the tumor size, shape, and relations with surrounding structures using CT, MRI, sonography, and angiography images can make simulated radical resection of soft-tissue sarcomas possible, thus sparing normal tissues. With our approach, starting from three MR images for a given patient, a new single image representation of all three(More)
Since June 1991, a Cyclotron unit with a proton beam of 65 MeV has been working at the Institute Antoine Lacassagne in Nice, France. An international cooperative group has been founded to guarantee the thorough exploitation of the facility through complete cooperation. From June 17 to December 20, 1991, 47 patients with uveal melanoma were treated; 4 of(More)
Total body irradiation (TBI) combined with intensive chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation is used with increasing success for the treatment of hematologic malignancies with severe prognosis. An expert system, developed on the basis of the experience acquired during the last years in our department, has been designed to optimize the different(More)
PURPOSE To investigate a method for evaluation of the maximum skin dose (MSD) of radiation in patients undergoing interventional radiology procedures in the liver. MATERIALS AND METHODS Transarterial chemoembolization, transarterial embolization, portal vein embolization, and biliary interventions were the procedures considered in this study. Ninety(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A survey was performed in 1996 to investigate the structures and the process of radiation therapy treatment planning in clinical practice within northern Italy, with particular emphasis on the current and future implementation of 3D equipment and techniques. MATERIALS AND METHODS Of 57 existing radiation therapy (RT) centres(More)