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Precise and spatially-explicit knowledge of leaf chlorophyll content (<i>Chl</i>) is crucial to adequately interpret the chlorophyll fluorescence (<i>ChF</i>) signal from space. Accompanying information about the reliability of the <i>Chl</i> estimation becomes more important than ever. Recently, a new statistical method was proposed within the family of(More)
Remote estimation of Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence emitted by terrestrial vegetation can provide an unparalleled opportunity to track spatiotemporal variations of photosynthetic efficiency. Here we provide the first direct experimental evidence that the two peaks of the chlorophyll fluorescence spectrum can be accurately mapped from high-resolution(More)
The SPARC campaign has been organized in coincidence of CHRIS/Proba multi-angular and hyperspectral acquisition over the agricultural test site of Barrax in Spain. Radiometric and biophysical vegetation parameters measurements have been carried out for different crops in both field and laboratory. The aim of this preliminary study is to assess the(More)
power growth has not been corresponded with an equivalent improvement in I /O bandwidth. As a result, computation, memory and I /O are more unbalanced every year, with more MPP applications being I /O bounded. This paper gives an overview of ParFiSys, a parallel file system developed at the UPM to provide I /O services to the GPMIMD machine, an MPP(More)
In the framework of the candidate EE-8 ESA/FLEX mission, different Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) retrieval algorithms are under implementation and testing. The Spectral Fitting Method is the baseline for the fluorescence retrievals for FLEX, since it is a powerful technique to decouple canopy reflected radiance and SIF by exploiting the high-resolution(More)
This work presents a new methodology that faces the problem of accurate identification of location and abundance of clouds in multispectral images acquired by space-borne sensors working in the visible and near-infrared (VNIR) spectral range. The amount of images acquired over the globe every day by the instruments on board Earth Observation satellites(More)
This paper analyses the behavior in scale space of linear junction models (L, Y and X models), nonlinear junction models, and linear junction multi-models. The variation of the grey level is considered to be constant, linear or nonlinear in the case of linear models and constant for the other models. We are mainly interested in the extrema points provided(More)
We present an overview of ParFiSys, a coherent parallel file system developed at the UPM to provide I/O services to the GPMIMD machine, an MPP built within the ESPRIT project P-5404. Special emphasis is made on the results obtained during PurFiSys evaluation. They were obtained using several I/O benchmarks (PARKBENCH, IOBENCH, etc.) and several MPP(More)