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The objective of the present study was to describe the distribution of salivary mutans streptococci in a randomly selected adult population and to relate the distribution to the prevalence of caries. The aim was also to study the association between caries and different levels of oral hygiene (OH). The results were based on the assessment of caries, dental(More)
As part of a series of postgraduate courses in Cariology for dentists, a section designed to stimulate the interest in quality evaluation of fillings was included. Thus, 75 private practitioners were asked to evaluate a number of anterior restorations on their own patients. The method used was a modification of the California Dental Association (CDA)(More)
In a series of postgraduate courses in Cariology for dentists in the period 1980-84, a total of 102 private practitioners participated in a study of the reasons for replacing amalgam restorations. Twelve reasons were specified on a form and the dentist was asked to mark one or more of them for each filling replaced. The total number of fillings evaluated(More)
The general feeling of distress in the dental situation has been studied in 60 female dental patients and correlated to the following variables: Experimentally evaluated sensitivity to pain, self-rating and the dentist's rating of sensitivity to pain, the pain-threshold value in the teeth, the need of local anesthesia, extraversion-introversion,(More)
The aim of the present epidemiological study was to describe prevalence, distribution and type of caries in an adult Swedish population. After stratification with respect to age (20-29, 30-39,.....greater than 79 years of age), sex and location of residence (city, village, rural region), a random sample of 967 individuals was drawn (0.75% of the total adult(More)
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