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Hypertension and stroke are important threats to the health of adults in sub-Saharan Africa. Nevertheless, detection of hypertension is haphazard and stroke prevention targets are currently unattainable. Prevalence, detection, management, and control of hypertension were assessed in 1013 men (n=385) and women (n=628), both aged 55 [SD 11] years, living in(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertension is an important problem in sub-Saharan Africa. The low use of processed food in this area makes a population approach to reducing salt intake feasible. AIM To create an age-sex register for 12 villages in Ghana as the first stage of a community study of the effect of dietary salt reduction on blood pressure and urinary sodium(More)
Selection bias in cluster randomized trials may threaten the validity of the results. This bias may occur either at the level of the cluster or of the individual. We describe measures for maintaining comparability of intervention groups in a cluster randomized trial of a health education package to reduce dietary salt. The setting was 12 villages of the(More)
BACKGROUND Widespread testing for chlamydia is expected to result in a reduction in prevalence. In 2008, coverage indicators introduced by the Department of Health (DH) required collection and submission of all tests performed outside of genitourinary medicine clinics. No mechanism existed to collect community-based tests conducted outside of the National(More)
Outbreaks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a continued public health concern. In this issue, for example, Foster and colleagues describe an outbreak of gonorrhoea that affected over 300 people in a discrete population in England, predominantly young heterosexual adults. 1 Outbreaks of other emerging, or re-emerging, infections such as shigella(More)
Open access impacts both the general public's good will and the ability to satisfy the public good that is inherent in creating new scholarship. Although it offers an alternative to the traditional publishing model that makes scholarship freely available digitally without common copyright and licensing restrictions, open access has garnered significant(More)
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