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Two acutely suicidal adult patients with fantasized companions integral to the formation of suicide intent are presented. The phenomenon of the fantasized companion is reviewed, differentiated from true hallucinatory or psychotic phenomena, and related to other fantasy and dissociative states, such as daydreaming and multiple personalities. In this regard,(More)
Latency to the first episode of rapid eye movement sleep (REML) has been proposed as a potential biomarker for Alzheimer's disease (AD). In this study, we compared REML values from 28 AD patients and 28 age- and sex-matched controls. We employed multiple definitions of REML and multiple cutoffs to classify patients and controls. Results indicated that the(More)
Forty-five male inpatients with major depressive episodes by DSM-III criteria (296.2, 296.3, 296.5) were examined for correlates of inpatient self-destructive behavior. It was found that 44% of the variance for inpatient self-destructive acts could be accounted for by a combination of history of severe childhood discipline and parental conflict. Losses(More)
Schizophrenic patients admitted to an acute inpatient unit were evaluated with the Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale (CPRS), items reflecting hostility from the same scale, the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ), and the Socialization and Self-Control scales of the California Psychological Inventory (CPI). Incidents of violent and(More)
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